Learn Marketing From An Ex-Google Marketer

A decade of growing revenue at Google, Indeed and Groupon

Jon Clemons

Jon is a product manager and growth expert with 10 years experience in marketing at Google, Groupon and Indeed. At Google he marketed the Google Ads business in 17 countries growing the quarterly revenue over 200%. Before then he was Marketing Director for Groupon in Japan and Korea in the run up to IPO. Now Jon is part of Indeed's incubator where he's already grown four new products successfully from zero to acquisition. His current project is a resume app which he pitched to investors then built and marketed from zero to now being #1 in its category.

Who should take this course?

You should have a business already.

  • Startups

    You're a founding member and because you're still running off the angel round of funding you wear many hats, including the marketing director hat. You can't afford expensive agencies and you studied computer science. This course may be your only hope.

  • Solopreneurs

    Unlike the tech kids, you bootstrapped your business yourself without funding on a Wordpress blog or Shopify store. You got lucky with some viral posts and now you've quit your day job to pursue your passion project. You don't know what marketing really is but that's okay because you'll get another viral hit...eventually...right...?

  • Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs)

    Your marketing was likely started by yourself or an agency. In order to reboot your marketing with a fresh new take, use this marketing strategy guide to help your team or employees think for themselves.

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From LinkedIn Recommendations

Director of Marketing Analytics MRM @ Google

Chris Erickson

Jon is a relentlessly results-oriented marketer. He’s distilled his extensive knowledge of the online media landscape to a repeatable framework that drives big ROI multipliers.

APAC Marketing Manager MRM @ Google

Craig Nine Hankerson

Jon is an exceptional digital marketer. He's the only marketer I know in APAC with hands on experience, & able to manage complex strategies on a wide range of medias. From SEO, SEM, Display, Programmatic, to Affiliate Marketing he's a marketer dedicated to producing results.

VP of Product Engineering, Peatix

Daisuke Horie

Jon is one of the sharpest and most effective product marketers I've had the pleasure of working with. He is extremely knowledgeable of all aspects of web marketing and can create a total marketing strategy (SEM, SEO, Social Media and CRM). On top of that he's a great person to work with, a professional that produces results.

Google Customer Onboarding Manager, SEA

Esther Brigitta

Jon is a very detailed oriented manager and an excellent multitasker, he makes things happen faster than anyone. He is also very experienced digital marketer and it has been a great pleasure working with him in Google Adwords account.

Digital & Ecommerce Manager, L'Oréal

Ping Shiuan Chua

Jon is an exceptionally knowledgeable online marketer and a very dedicated manager who works closely with the agency. He constantly provides us with many meaningful insights and valuable ideas to improve the account. It was a great privilege to have worked with Jon on the Google Adwords account.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Your marketing strategy template

    • The 4 steps of a marketing strategy

    • Step 1: Clarify the problem your customers face and your solution.

    • Step 2: WHO is your target market?

    • Step 3: WHY your business is different from competitors.

    • Step 4. WHAT message works for that customer.

  • 3

    Your marketing strategy is DONE!

    • One final note...

Make Your Marketing Strategy Now

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